Shooting training

Lecture: 8AM-11AM
Shooting range training: 12PM-5PM

Class topics:

Basic course:
1. The correct lying shooting posture.
2. Adjusting the rifle (stock adjustment, placement of the sight).
3. Breathing and cocking.
4. Ballistics – how a shot occurs and how a projectile moves (the basics of internal and external ballistics).
5. Construction and workings of the scope.
6. Distance and wind corrections

Advanced course:
1. Barrel vibration.
2. Selecting the ammunition.
3. The influence of temperature, atmospheric pressure, altitude and wind on projectile’s trajectory.
4. Shooting moving targets.
5. Shooting from a moving platform.
6. Loophole shooting.
7. Accessories which facilitate shooting.

The price of the two-day training with one-night bed and board (breakfast, dinner)::
1150 PLN (own weapon)
1250 PLN (borrowed weapon) + the cost of fired ammunition: from 100 to 300PLN depending on the caliber (80pcs)

Alongside prof. Ejsmont’s workshops at the VIS shooting range We are laso conducting year-round trainings in the fields of long-distance shooting, short firearms, carbines and shotguns.  

Long-distance shooting training  

The training is dedicated to those who want to start their shooting journey with the “long shot”, as well as those who have some experience in this area and want to develop their knowledge to extend their “shooting horizons”.

The program is divided into four two-day training blocks. Each block is dedicated to a different area of theoretical, as well as practical knowledge.

We have prepared a set of rifles (calibers from 223 Win to 338 Lapua magnum), for those that don’t own any weapon.

Our main goal is to provide the high quality of the workshops, which is why in case of the long-distance training only two trainees are assigned to a single instructor. (shooting range practice)

Due to the fact that our instructors are almost always available, We have decided that there is no need to set the training dates in advance. Those interested in the practices should contact us in order to arrange all the details regarding the date and costs.

Training costs depend on the the amount of ammunition used during the workshops (in case of using our weapon) and the additional services like accommodation and food.


Beginner/advanced training in the fields of pistols, shotguns and rifles.  

The training is conducted by experienced instructors who will prepare you for the shooting license exam or, as well as to pass the gun permit test at the Police Headquarters.

If you own or plan to buy a pistol or a carbine, this training block is perfect for you. Why gather theoretical knowledge from the internet when you can train under the supervision of experienced practitioners/instructors? If you already have experience in working with a gun or carbine, you will expand your knowledge with knew elements and skills.

Those are not some ordinary shooting courses. It is a solid chunk of knowledge, prepared in a way that allows you to learn how to use short/long firearms from the moment of purchase through education and practice at the shooting range, which will result in the proper usage of your weapon. Safely, effectively and in accordance to the current legal conditions!

The training is divided into four separate blocks: pistol/rifle in four modules.

Advanced training is the next step of the shooting education. This type of training aims to extend the already possessed knowledge and skills in a specific, specialized field of practical shooting.